Relocating in the midst of the pandemic — Denis Luginin

Covid-19 doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon, however there’s been plenty of stories of people in the games industry taking that leap of faith, relocating and starting their journeys in new and exciting positions elsewhere. We interviewed a number of individuals who agreed to share their experience in taking on new job opportunities in this new environment, and we hope their journeys can be educational as well as inspirational to others.

Denis Luginin, UI Programmer at Avalanche Studios

Where did you relocate from and where did you relocate to?

I relocated from Yekaterinburg/Russia to Stockholm/Sweden

What motivated you?

Well, I was always wondering how it is to work and live abroad. So why refuse if you get a chance to try it yourself? Also the game director’s pitch about my current project was awesome!

How long did the relocation process take?

I signed a contract at the beginning of October 2020 and my first day at Avalanche was on 13 of January 2021.

Was the relocation smooth? Did you experience any unusual difficulties?

In general — the relocation process was really smooth and easy. Of course, there have been some difficulties: it is not easy to find a way to move boxes with your stuff during the corona epidemic, and also I decided to leave our cat in Russia for now (Hopefully we will move him here in the future).

Your message to gamers and gamedev professionals worldwide…

Well, don’t lose your passion for games, dream big and do small steps towards it!

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