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How to succeed as an Independent game developer in 2020?

In this episode we are talking to Marc and Charles — the founders of VoxPop Games — a company that is offering indie devs a real opportunity to succeed in today’s video games market.

Whilst studying at NYU, Charles attended classes for game developers called survival skills. The first class was called how to become an independent game designer and the speaker guest revealed the sad truth about most of the indie game developers. He asked: ‘Guess how much I earned in my first 5 years as an indie game dev?’ And the answer was: $15,000. Not quite what you expect when you want to make this your career. That was the moment when Charles realised that there’s no reason why this can’t be challenged.

One day Marc met Charles at the community event in New York and discussed the challenges that the indie games industry is facing. There are a lot of great game developers, but just a few of them understand the process of how to bring that game to the market. Usually they neither have experience, nor money to promote their product. So it was an opportunity for two entrepreneurs to change this status quo.

Marc who has a lot of experience in game analytics and game content having worked for the likes of Rockstar Games and Capcom, and Charles who has a strong VC background decided to combine their forces and start VoxPop Games. VoxPop Games is a new Peer-to-Peer (P2P) game distribution & development platform. They allow developers to leverage a small portion of their future income for users and streamers who help promote their games, thus giving developers exposure and influencers/affiliates another revenue stream.

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